Handbook of Stainless Steels & Nickel Alloys

(Second Edition)

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Edition: Second Edition: printed March 2002
Technical Editor: Stephen Lamb

The continual optimization of industrial processes, often demands higher temperatures and pressures to yield higher productivity, which requires the use of more corrosion resistant engineering materials. Stainless steels and nickel alloys provide solutions to many of the problems encountered in aggressive environmental conditions and meet particular corrosive conditions related to stress corrosion cracking, reducing environments, oxidizing environments, halogenation, salts, hydrogen sulfide, high temperatures, and more.

Written by 30 authors and peer reviewers with over 700 years of combined industrial experience, this CASTI handbook provides the latest stainless steels and nickel alloys information in a practical and comprehensive manner. It preserves the technical experience and knowledge gained over the past fifty years by material engineers in selecting corrosion resistant alloys for the handling of a wide range of corrosive environments.

For project engineers, maintenance engineers, inspectors, or plant operators, this handbook provides solutions to many of the corrosion problems encountered in many aggressive environmental conditions. The guidelines and the wealth of past experience presented in this handbook can help prevent or minimize mistakes that have been made in the past.

Hundreds of different material applications and selections, throughout many industries, are referenced. It is an ideal reference source to assist in preventing or minimizing corrosion related problems, including those encountered during welding fabrication. This practical handbook also contains a useful "Alloy Index" which lists each alloy by its ASTM Specification, UNS Number, common name, trade name, and page number references.

The Second Edition of this handbook includes additional coverage of corrosion resistant alloys for downhole production tubing. The new material covers corrosion processes, corrosion rates, hydrogen sulfide environments, corrosion inhibitors, corrosion resistant alloys, the application of stainless steel in production conditions, and more.

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Table of Contents About the Authors

Table of Contents

About the Authors

  Executive Editor Technical Editor
  J. Bringas

S. Lamb
  Authors Peer Reviewers
Chapter 1 -  W. I. Pollock G. Kobrin and F. G. Hodge
Chapter 2 -  M. Blair and R. Pankiw C. S. Nalbone, J. L. Gossett, A. Paris, J. Echlin and D. Driggers
Chapter 3 -  A. Sabata and W.J. Schumacher J. Ziemianski
Chapter 4 -  C.W. Kovach and J.D. Redmond J. Fritz
Chapter 5 -  G. Coates C. Reid
Chapter 6 -  I.A. Franson and J.F. Grubb R. Davison and D. E. Bardsley
Chapter 7 -  J. R. Crum, E. Hibner, N. C. Farr, and D. R. Munasinghe   P. Crook and P. Elliott
Chapter 8 -  D. J. Tillack A. Lesnewich and S. D. Kiser
Chapter 9 -  L. Smith