API 570 ICP Recertification Preparation Self-Study Course

Piping Inspector Recertification Exam Preparation

Features Self-Study Course
Price $600
Duration available for 6 months from date of registration
Self-Study Online Lessons with e-instructor support.
Participants complete online lessons by reading training material and completing practice questions at a self-directed pace.
Over 260 Practice Questions including step-by-step math solutions, code table reference solutions, and exam document (code) paragraph references.
3 Practice Exams for online self-study: includes answer keys with references to exam document paragraphs and tables + step-by-step math solutions.
e-Instructor Support: same day or next business-day reply by e-mail.
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CASTI Exam Preparation Courses not only prepare you to successfully pass the exam, but also assist you to become a better inspector with world class instructional design, content, instructor, and learning delivery systems!

CASTI API 570 ICP Recertification Exam Preparation Course Outline

Self-study online lessons cover recertification exam topics in great detail, including step-by-step math and table solutions.

Topics Covered
  • Getting Started
    • Provides information on the API 570 ICP exam and study tips.
  • API 570
  • API RP 574
  • API RP 578
  • Practice Exams
    • Includes 3 Practice Exams, with self-assessment, in both closed book and open book formats. Instructionally designed to prepare candidates for the certification exam.

Note: it takes an estimated 15 hours to complete the online lessons and practice exams. The actual time required will vary according to your educational background and work experience.

Required Code Documents

Exam candidates are responsible for obtaining the documents listed on the API ICP Effectivity Sheet.

Note: exam documents may not be the current editions. Studying with a different edition may result in answering exam questions incorrectly. Ensure that the exam documents you use for exam preparation are identical to those listed in the API ICP Effectivity Sheet.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for candidates preparing to write the API 570 ICP recertification exam.

Certificate & Credits

Upon completion of this course, a digital certification of completion will be issued. Completion of the online online self-study content, in full, will allow individuals to earn 15 professional development hours (PDHs).

About the Instructor

Kimberley Meszaros, (P.Eng, MSc) is a professional engineer who practices materials engineering. Kimberley is a BSc (Materials Engineering) and MSc (Materials Engineering - Welded Composite Coatings for Oil Sands) graduate of the University of Alberta. Kimberley has worked in the Alberta energy sector developing and troubleshooting welding procedures, conducting inspections, and consulting on various projects, and has worked in research and development for both private and government organizations. Kimberley is an Engineering Design sessional instructor in the Chemical & Materials Engineering department at the University of Alberta. Kimberley works with the Codes and Standards Training Institute (CASTI) Inc. in Edmonton, developing training materials and instructing courses related to the codes and standards used in the Petroleum and Refining industries.

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