CSA W178.2 Level 1

Welding Inspector Exam Preparation

Available Dates and Locations:
Date: October 26-31, 2020
Earn: 88 PDH
Price: $2695
Course Location:
Holiday Inn Express
10010 104 Street NW
Edmonton AB T5J 0Z1 Canada
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To assist candidates achieve the CSA W178.2 Level 1 Welding Inspector Certification. It is also the objective of this course to prepare exam candidates to write the ASME B31.3 code endorsement exam as part of this certification.

Who Should Attend

Inspectors, NDE examiners, Alberta Welding Examiners, experienced welders, welding supervisors, quality control personnel, technologists, and engineers who want to obtain the CSA W178.2 Level 1 welding inspector certification.

Course Cost Savings

We provide over $1,000 in cost savings by providing you with a notebook to keep and having weld samples and toolkits available for use in class. Textbooks and toolkits are mandatory additional purchases with some of our competitors, but they are all included in our price.


CWB Recognition for Exam Exemption

This course is approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau to qualify exam candidates for exemption from the closed-book portion (known as the "basic welding inspection and basic welding fundamentals" portion) of the 4-part CSA W178.2 Level 1 Welding Inspector Certification exam. To qualify for exemption, students must:

Each participant will receive a digital CASTI certificate of completion with 48 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for attending all 6 days of the classroom training. An additional 40 PDHs will be awarded for the completion of the e-learning lessons prior to the in-classroom start date.

CASTI Blended Learning

This course includes 13 days* of training as described below:

Estimated 5 Days* E-Learning (Access available Sept. 28 to Oct. 25, 2020)
6 Days Live In-Classroom (Oct. 26-31, 2020)
Includes Review Session and Exemption Exam (Oct. 31, 2020)
Estimated 2 Days* E-Learning Practice Exams (Access available Nov. 3, 2020 to Nov. 30, 2020)

* Estimates are based on the average time needed by previous students to complete online training. Your personal skill and experience levels will determine the actual time required to complete this work. Previous students took between 16-30 hours (2-4 days) to complete the online lesson work.

The e-learning lessons are an integral part of this training course and must all be submitted with an average mark of 70% or more to receive course completion recognition and full professional development hours (PDH) credit. Once practice exams and lessons are completed, students can reset them for further study and practice.
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Course Outline

Welding Inspection
  • Design
    • Drawings
    • Design Concepts
    • Codes, Specifications, and Standards
  • Materials
    • Base Metals
    • Welding Consumables
    • Welding Metallurgy
  • Production
    • Preparation of Joints
  • Welding
    • Processes
    • Equipment
    • Welding Procedures
    • Side Effects
  • Quality Assurance
    • Basic System Function Concepts
    • Basic Concepts of Quality Control
    • Nondestructive Examination
    • Other Examinations
  • Qualification
    • Welders
    • Equipment
    • Procedures
    • Inspectors
    • Nondestructive-testing Technicians
  • Preparation for 2 hour exam* (75 multiple choice questions)
  • (*see above requirements to qualify for exemption)
Practical Visual Inspection and Reporting
  • Examination and assessment of test coupons for weld defects and acceptability, including but not limited to:
    • Porosity
    • Under Fill
    • Undercut
    • Incomplete Fusion
    • Spatter
    • Inclusion
  • prepare to view 5 sample welds and answer questions about them, 0.75 hour exam
CSA Standard W178.2
  • General Requirements
  • Level 1 Welding Inspector Requirements
  • prepare for 15 multiple choice questions, 0.50 hour exam
Product Category and Standard/Code (Industrial Pipe: ASME B31.3 Process Piping)
  • preparation for 45 multiple choice questions, 2.00 hour exam

Required Code Documents

All participants must have a copy of CSA Standard W178.2 and a copy of the ASME B31.3 code document for the code endorsement to complete this course. The ASME B31.3 code can be purchased from CASTI at a special discounted rate. A course notebook will be provided to all participants by CASTI.

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About the Instructor

Kimberley Meszaros, (P.Eng, MSc) is a professional engineer who practices materials engineering. Kimberley is a BSc (Materials Engineering) and MSc (Materials Engineering - Welded Composite Coatings for Oil Sands) graduate of the University of Alberta. Kimberley has worked in the Alberta energy sector developing and troubleshooting welding procedures, conducting inspections, and consulting on various projects, and has worked in research and development for both private and government organizations. Kimberley is an Engineering Design sessional instructor in the Chemical & Materials Engineering department at the University of Alberta. Kimberley works with the Codes and Standards Training Institute (CASTI) Inc. in Edmonton, developing training materials and instructing courses related to the codes and standards used in the Petroleum and Refining industries.