Steelmaking - Using ASTM Standards

Online Course with e-Instructor Support

Earn: Certificate of Completion and 5 PDH
Price: $250

Course Description

This course is instructionally designed for all individuals who work with steels, work with ASTM steel standards, or those who simply want to learn more about steelmaking.

Online lessons are available for six months from the date of registration.

Learning Outcomes

Participants who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • identify and apply ASTM standard steel terminology for steelmaking;
  • describe the basic oxygen furnace and electric arc furnace steelmaking processes;
  • recall the difference between a heat of steel and a lot of steel;
  • identify what is meant by residual elements and unspecified elements in steel;
  • discuss steelmaking practices such as rimmed, capped, killed, and semikilled steels; and
  • describe the purpose of a ladle metallurgy furnace (LMF).

Who Should Attend

This e-learning course is designed for inspectors, QA/QC personnel, engineers, tradespeople, and others working for plant owners, pressure equipment manufactures and repair organizations, engineering procurement and construction companies in oil and gas industries (oilfield, upgraders, refineries, etc.), chemical plants, petroleum refining, petrochemical plants, power plants, pulp and paper plants, fertilizer plants, and others.

Course Outline

The following topics are covered in this course:

Introduction to Steelmaking
The Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) Steelmaking Process
  • purpose of slag
  • general steps of the BOF steelmaking process
The Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Steelmaking Process
  • EAF melt
BOF and EAF Ladle
  • transfer ladle
  • killed steel
  • ladle slag to slag pot
Heat of Steel
  • heat and heat analysis
  • lot of steel
  • residual elements and unspecified elements in steels
  • ASTM use of ellipsis (…)
Steel Ingot and Continuous Strand Casting
  • steel ingot casting
  • continuous strand casting
  • billets, blooms, and slabs
Steelmaking Practices
  • rimmed and capped steels
  • killed and semikilled steels
Steel Ingot and Continuous Strand Casting
  • steel ingot casting
  • continuous strand casting
  • billets, blooms, and slabs
Ladle Metallurgy Furnace (LMF)
  • refining of steel chemistry

e-Instructor Support

CASTI e-Instructor provides support for any questions about the online course content.

Learning Self-Assessment

Practice problems throughout the course content are graded to allow self-assessment of student learning. Grades are reported at the completion of each lesson within the online content.

Certificate and Professional Development Hours

Participants will receive a digital CASTI Certificate of Completion with 5 Professional Development Hours (PDH) for completing all online lessons successfully.

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