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"If you need steel data, you need Passport to Steel"

The Ultimate Online Resource for Steel Data!

A powerful, online database, ASTM International's new Passport to Steel enables you to search for the latest steel data of more than 68,000 steels and 15,000 coated steels; find comparable steel standards from Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) around the world; and access an information-rich Reference Center.

You'll find the steels data you need in only a few seconds with both simple and advanced search modes. Search tips and other helpful hints are just a click away in this convenient and easy to use resource.

Simpler, Faster, and More Powerful

A new "Simple Search" mode delivers data faster and easier than ever before. Find the data you need in seconds!

The "Advanced Search" mode now has improved data range selection for Chemical Compositions and Mechanical Properties data. Find the data you need by defining your search criteria with more flexibility than any other database.

The Most Frequently Updated Steels Database

Access the latest data from over 83,000 steels and growing - no other steel database can match the timeliness or reliability. Passport to Steel is second-to-none thanks to a team of engineers and technical experts continually studying changes to the standards and revising and expanding the database. Continual data updates provide all the latest steel data! Your annual subscription includes updates to the latest data—no CDs or software to update throughout the year.

All standard specification data is shown with complete year-date and status. Instantly confirm the version of each specification document and whether the document is current, withdrawn, or replaced by a newer document! Use the year-date to verify the version of each specification document and never be caught with out-of-date information again!

The Best Comparable Steels Search Engine

The most "technically accurate" steel comparisons available today. Passport to Steel includes hundreds of cross-references to comparable international steels. Finding similar steels from other countries is made quick and easy. Use the built-in "Search for Comparable Steels" option or customize your own search to find all matching steels with any search parameters you choose. It's your choice, either way this powerful search engine will help you find what you are looking for in just a few seconds. Comparable steels are now easier to view with color coding for each group of comparable steels. Passport to Steel is the only steels database that:

Full Status Report

The only steels database that shows the "status" of each standard (current, replaced, or withdrawn including the year-date of standard), and if a standard has been replaced, the "replacement" standard is shown with a link to the new data. When requested by users, obsolete data from replaced or withdrawn standards is added (e.g., the 1955 version of BS 970 with 109 En steel grades were added by request.)

The Only Coated Steels Database

Passport to Steel offers the only customized database containing data that is unique to coated steels. All coated steel data is available at no extra charge.

Comprehensive Source of Global Standards

The database includes steel data from 11 SDOs including: ASTM, AFNOR, API, SAE, DIN, GB, BSI, CEN, CSA, JIS, and ISO. You can easily search by:

The comprehensive data within Passport to Steel also includes the most current chemical composition and mechanical properties of:

Easy to Use Results Page

Show or Hide the search results tables to make it easier to view the data you want. A new "Show Specifications List" feature can display a only the specifications and titles allowing the user to review a list of specification documents in detail and to print that list if desired. Sort and select data for faster viewing with the easy-to-understand results page that displays:

The search results can be easily sorted, printed or copied and pasted into your favorite program, such as Microsoft Excel®, to save an electronic copy of the data.

Reference Center

The database includes access to a unique Reference Center providing valuable information for all steel users. The Reference Center includes selected standards, journal articles, related book chapters, hardness conversion tables, the Periodic Table, and a list of metal terms in English, Spanish, German, and French.

User-Friendly for the Novice and Expert!

Extensive tips, hints and FAQs provide valuable guidance with lots of practical examples. Just a few include:

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Using your web browser, username and password you'll have global, around the clock access to one of the most robust, comprehensive and useful resources for steel data.