Exam Documents for API ICP Exam Study

CASTI is a proud Authorized Provider of API ICP Code Document Packages. All Code Document Packages are provided by API and are exactly the same as the Documents you will be using on exam day.

Since all API ICP exams are computer-based and held at test centers where the exam questions and reference documents are viewed as non-searchable PDF files on a computer, it is a disadvantage to study from paper copies of the exam documents. During CASTI's API ICP exam preparation courses, the instructor will provide guidance on how best to navigate through the exam document PDF files and assist you with developing the necessary computer skills for the exam. For example, during the actual API exams, the exam document PDF files are not searchable, so learning how to use the PDF file bookmarks will be covered during the CASTI course.

There are hundreds of practice questions in the CASTI API ICP course material, including multiple practice exams. Every time a question is practiced, go to the exam document reference to see the answer. This promotes learning by repetition and helps to develope exam document navigation skills which will benefit exam candidates during the examination.

Note: exam candidates are not permitted to bring any paper into the exam room. API ICP exams are computer-based using non-searchable PDF files of each exam document at specific test centers. This means that candidates will no longer be able to bring their personal copies of the codes into the examination. Consequently, it is highly recommended that exam candidates study from exam document PDF files without using electronic search tools, but rather, practice to use the bookmarks, the tables of contents, knowledge, and some memorization for navigating to successfully pass the examination.