Considering API 510 Certification?

6 Things to Know...

  1. There is strong demand for API certification. More than 80% of active API certified inspectors are employed full-time by an inspection agency or as an independent contractor.
  2. The API certification exam is only available during 3 windows each year. Click here for the API exam schedule.
  3. The next exam application deadline is November 3, 2023!
  4. You must provide records of your education and work experience as part of your application. Make sure you allow time to collect this information!
  5. Exam questions are derived from the documents listed on the API Effectivity Sheet. Each exam window will have a specific Effectivity Sheet. Use the correct document editions when preparing for certification!
  6. API's most recent data shows the API 510 certification exam has a worldwide pass rate of 62.0%. CASTI training courses can help greatly improve your chances of success. Click here for training information.

If you have any questions about CASTI training courses for API 510 certification preparation, click here to Contact Us.