In-House Request Form

In-house courses are a cost-effective way to provide customized training for small groups or whole departments with the convenience of having training done at your facility or a nearby site. In-house courses can be planned to accommodate the schedules of your personnel.

CASTI in-house training courses allow your personnel to gain thorough knowledge of the most up-to-date codes, regulations, technological advances, resources, and trends. With better understanding of the important underlying principles behind codes and standards, your company will gain efficiencies and avoid potentially costly issues when interpreting the correct application of codes and standards.

CASTI can adapt the content of any of our standard open-enrollment training courses to suit your specific requirements or we can develop a course specifically targeting your company’s needs.

CASTI recommends a minimum of 10 attendees to make in-house training courses cost-effective. We also recommend booking 9 months in advance to allow for course development, logistical planning, and scheduling. Shorter lead times may be possible depending on instructor availability and any required customization work.

Contact Information

Lead Technical Contact

If you are an Administrator or Coordinator, please provide the contact information for the Lead Technical/Engineer person who is best able to answer technical questions regarding the course subject matter being requested. CASTI will require a technical lead to finalize course topics with the instructor.

Attendee Information

For class sizes of 5-9, please contact CASTI at for a group discount on our open-enrollment courses. CASTI recommends keeping class sizes under 30.

Course Requirements

CASTI is able to provide any one of our standard course offerings, modified courses, or completely customized courses to meet your in-house training needs. To initiate the developmet of custom course outlines, you will find it useful to start with one of CASTI's many course topics from our public enrollment courses. From there, we encourage you to add or remove topics as they relate to the work of your company. We are able to introduce topics not listed on our courses page. Course outlines can be found at:

In-House Training Options

(CASTI recommends supplementing the training material with internal documents such as manuals, standards, and failure reports to use in practical workshops or interpreting and referencing them where they coincide with the code/standard requirements.)

(If you are considering multiple training courses, CASTI can assist you with a comprehensive training program to establish order, flow, and transition between courses.)

Course Logistics

Quotes are provided after establishing your training requirements and will be based on the type of course, course length, number of attendees, and course location.

Course length is ultimately determined by your course requirements; such as: the number of topics, the depth of discussion, level of learning, and the training goals you wish to achieve.

(Suggested dates cannot be guaranteed and are subject to instructor availability and time required for course development.)