Getting Started: Alberta In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector (ISI)

In Alberta, pressure equipment owner-users must have an Integrity Management System (IMS) that complies with the Alberta Pressure Equipment Safety Regulations (PESR). In compliance, all IMSs require personnel who inspect and certify installed pressure vessels, boilers, fired equipment and similar equipment, and those who supervise in-service inspection staff, shall hold the required Alberta In-service pressure equipment Inspector Certification and be certified as competent to perform the specific type of inspection.

Education and Experience Requirements

In order to qualify for certification as an In-Service Inspector (ISI) for Pressure Equipment, candidates must have the following combinations of education and experience:

Acceptable pressure equipment experience must include a minimum of one year pressure equipment inspection experience. Additional experience may include design, manufacture, repair,maintenance, operation, nondestructive examination of pressure equipment

Additional Third Party Certification Requirements

To be eligible for certification, the candidate must meet ONE of the following third party certifications:

In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector (ISI) Examination

For more information regarding the topics of the exam, please refer to the In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector (ISI) Certification Requirements (AB-526)


Every 5 years, must meet the following requirements:

Exam Codes and CASTI Courses

Note:This course is designed to assist with exam preparation for the Alberta In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector (ISI) Certification. This course will help identify, navigate, and organize the areas of study. However, it does not teach Safety Codes Act and Regulations or PESR.

This summary of educational requirements, examination and renewal, and recognition and reciprocity information is provided for your general overview. It is important that you read the complete documents containing these details as provided by ABSA and CASTI.

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