E-books - Requirements, Technical Support, and How-to-Order

This page lists the minimum requirements which should be met before e-books are installed. Please ensure your computer meets these minimum system requirements before you purchase any CASTI e-books.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Internet connection (broadband recommended). (An internet connection is required to download and install your e-book.)
  • Latest version of Adobe Reader.
  • FileOpen Plugin must be installed: http://plugin.fileopen.com/
  • Windows Vista (or higher).
  • Currently we don’t support Mac computers or tablets.
  • 100 MB free disk space.
  • The ability to edit, highlight, and copy and paste in the PDF are not available due to our copyright policy.
  • Note: Use of Adobe software may have additional system requirements (Please refer to the Adobe specifications provided with your Adobe software or visit the Adobe website at www.adobe.com for more information.)
  • Note: Only single-sided printing is available.
  • Note: Please consult with your company IT department if installing E-book(s) on a company computer.

Before you purchase an e-book, please note the following:

Technical Support:

Return Policy:

All CASTI e-book PDF files are secured with the FileOpen System.

The terms, conditions, and policies presented above are subject to change without notice.