Getting Started: Alberta Welding Examiner

A Welding Examiner Certificate of Competency authorizes the holder to conduct Performance Qualification (PQ) tests on behalf of a testing organization while employed by that testing organization. All Alberta Boiler Safety Association (ABSA) authorized testing organizations are required to employ a Welding Examiner to conduct performance qualification tests.

Education and Experience Requirements

To take a Welding Examiner Certificate of Competency examination, a candidate must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Welding Examiner Examinations

Paper #1 - Welding Processes and Filler Metals - 3.5 Hours

Paper #2 - Metallurgy and Materials - 3.5 Hours

Paper #3 - Quality Control and Weld Evaluation - 3.5 Hours

Paper #4 - Regulations and Codes - 3.5 Hours


Exam Codes

All exam candidates must bring the referenced Codes to each related exam since all Code questions are open-book. These code documents can be purchased from CASTI. Click here to purchase.

For more information about CASTI's Alberta Welding Examiner Exam Preparation courses, please visit:

This summary of educational requirements, examination and renewal, information is provided for your general overview. It is important that you read the complete Welding Examiner Certification exam syllabus.

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