The CASTI Learning Advantage

Why should I attend training?

Training courses can sharpen your skills, increase your earning power, and strengthen your professional credentials, making you more employable in a competitive market.

With specialized training, you will have the power to make productive changes in company policies and procedures. Your competitive advantage is gained through knowledge of the most-up-to date codes, regulations, technological advances, resources, and trends.

You will better understand the important underlying principles behind codes and standards. This is essential to improving your ability to correctly understand and interpret codes and standards documents. Take advantage of your knowledge to gain efficiencies and avoid costly errors while on the job.

The CASTI Learning Advantage (CLA)

The CASTI Learning Advantage (CLA) training system introduces a progressive new series of hybrid training courses that combines pre-classroom online learning, in-classroom instructor lead learning, and post-classroom online learning.

CLA courses provide exceptional value; not only in the amount and quality of the content, but also by providing the opportunity to maximize learning while minimalizing time away from work. CLA courses reach beyond lecture-style training. They feature practical examples, workshops, detailed solutions and interactive learning to provide our customers with knowledge that they will retain throughout their career.

What is a hybrid course?

A hybrid course combines the best features of in-classroom instructor-led teaching and online learning to promote active student learning. CASTI's CLA hybrid training courses meet the demands of your busy schedule and the industry's need for qualified workers.

CASTI is setting a new benchmark in the transfer of engineering information by teaching with technology. CLA training courses offer cognitive learning to provide the means of knowledge, understanding, and application that go well beyond the simple imitation of others.

What are the advantages of CLA courses?

  • CLA courses offer each student increased potential for success. Condensed training material delivered through this system–pre-classroom online learning, in-classroom learning, and post-classroom online learning, is far less overwhelming and far more effective.
  • As a part of the CLA model, the first portion of the course is completed online before the course start date. This can be done anywhere Internet access is available–at the office or at home. You will become familiar with using the code documents to answer questions and be able to refresh basic math skills required for solving exam problems.
  • Pre-classroom training allows for more content to be covered in the same amount of time. This means less time off work, lower costs for travel and accommodations, and the ability to study on your own schedule at your own pace. Pre-classroom training also ensures that each student is equally prepared for the in-classroom instruction aimed at preparing you to successfully challenge certification examination or customized post-classroom assessment.
  • The in-classroom portion of the course provides direct interaction with an experienced instructor who can provide valuable insight, clear explanation of complex issues, and address any specific areas of concern that you have. Evening tutorials provide additional time in direct contact with the instructor to review example problems and further clarify important concepts one-on-one.
  • Post-classroom assessment through online testing provides a means for self-evaluation after the formal training is completed. This type of reinforcement strengthens your understanding and maximizes your learning experience.
  • CASTI's Learning Advantage (CLA) hybrid courses deliver a quality learning experience that will assist you in maximizing your success in challenging certification exams or to advance your technical knowledge and skills with codes and standards.