CASTI has presented over 1,500 training courses internationally. Our customers depend on us to provide quality, reliable, useful education. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards and expectations. Here's what some of our customers have to say:

Many P.Eng's I've worked with promote CASTI as a far more accomplished, detailed instruction source than any accessible alternates.

on ASME Section IX, April 2019

I really enjoyed this course and felt that it helped my understanding of how all the parts of the Code fit together. The physical examples were really useful.

on ASME Section IX, April 2019

Unbelievable how much I learned and understand from the course in such a short time. The training material will benefit me for years to come.

on ASME Section IX, April 2016

I have learned valuable information that will help me immensely in my everyday job. The course material is thorough, diagrams are excellent, and online e-instructor access is very useful.

API 570 Exam Preparation, September 2019

Great instructor with healthy knowledge of subject. Appreciate the real-life examples, reference to ABSA bulletins, and instructor's personal anecdotes.

on ASME B31.3 Code Design Requirements, March 2019

Fantastic course, very informative. Really good value, especially for young professionals starting out in the industry.

on ASME B31.3 Code Design Requirements, March 2019

It was really nice to know I had a teacher with so much relevant experience. I enjoyed how John engaged with the class and shared so much from his own experience.

on ASME B31.3 Fabrication Code Requirements, November 2018

My CASTI experience was great and provided me with a great deal of practical information I can immediately apply in my professional career.

on ASME B31.3 Fabrication Code Requirements, November 2018

I felt more confident with this exam (API 510), due to the material presented by CASTI than I did when I did API 570 (through another organisation).

on API 510 Exam Prep, August 2016

After 30 years in the trade I finally received training on the procedural requirements of what I do daily. Engineering and trades rarely meet in my experience. This information would be most beneficial at the trade school level. Periodic discussions with our engineering department would further the trades understanding of this material.

Welding Fundamentals and Welding Procedures In-House Training Course

I really appreciate the online studies, being able to reset the lessons. The amount of practice questions is fantastic. Overall great experience!

on API 570, September 2016

I like the history and background understanding conveyed by the instructor. It improved my overall understanding of the topics. Good course!

on ASME B31.3: FCR, April 2016

Overall excellent course, provided great insight to Sec VIII and practical applications.

on ASME Sec. VIII-1, FCR, May 2016

Overall great course, instructor was very knowledgeable and his industry experience was a great benefit to the course.

on API 571, November 2016