Codes and Standards Training Institute (CASTI) was founded in 1989 when John E. Bringas, P.Eng. taught our first course in welding metallurgy. Since then, CASTI has presented over 1,500 courses internationally, specializing in the area of engineering codes and standards (API, ASME, ASTM, CSA, NACE, ISO, and others). The CASTI instructor staff includes members of many codes and standards committees as well as globally-recognized professional engineers with international accreditations.

CASTI technical courses are developed for inspectors, engineers, technologists, designers, supervisors, maintenance, and quality assurance personnel who work for owners-users such as petrochemical plants, refineries, gas plants, power plants, oil/gas pipelines, pulp and paper mills, municipalities, or those who work for engineering procurement companies, inspection companies, fabricators, and regulators in governing jurisdictions.

Our Instructional Philosophy

To ensure the highest quality education, all CASTI courses are developed and taught by highly knowledgeable and experienced instructors, who are or have been Code committee members. We not only teach "what" is in a Code or Standard, but more importantly, "why" it is there.

CASTI Is Committeed to Your Career

We are invested in your career. Your education is like a business investment; it takes time and money to complete training courses and obtain certification, but you will see an excellent return on an investment that will continue to give back throughout your entire career.

Enhance your skills. It is important to ensure that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date with the trends affecting your industry so employers will continue to view you as a valuable asset to the company. By continuing your education, you can learn new skills and specializations that will allow you to become a more versatile employee and increase your long-term value to employers.

Demonstrate value to employers. An excellent way to demonstrate to employers that you are committed to your career is by attending training courses. By investing time and money in continuing your education, you will send a powerful message to employers that you are serious about improving your education and applying new skills to your job. Employers are more likely to hire and retain professionals who show the desire and commitment for lifelong learning, and many even provide tuition reimbursement as added encouragement.

Leverage past experience. Earning additional credentials will attest to your capability and is also a good source of knowledge and networking. It will significantly improve your marketability and the more certifications obtained the better likelihood of achieving the supervisor or managerial levels.

Discover your dream job. From welder to inspector, the best way to learn more about a potential career in supervisory and managerial positions is through training and certification. By continuing your education, you can discover a dream job that is less physically demanding and increases your earning potential.

Increase Your Earning Potential. If you are looking to achieve a higher salary over the life of your career: get the training you need to get ahead. Get where you want to be by knowing where you need to be. GET CERTIFIED. GET HIRED. GET AHEAD. Get on the CASTI Career Path.

CASTI Means Quality

As a part of our commitment to quality, CASTI training content:

  • is researched and written by CASTI instructors and staff,
  • is designed with real-life applications in mind,
  • reaches beyond the literary words of codes and standards through interpretation of key concepts,
  • providing guidance where a close study of the Code, on its own, may not produce a clear conclusion,
  • provide in-depth explanations that strengthen understanding, and
  • reinforce learning with workshops and practice problems which are based on real-life examples drawn from the extensive on-the-job experience of qualified and knowledgeable instructors.

CASTI training materials are researched and written by CASTI instructors and staff. CASTI respects copyright laws and does not believe in placing our customers in positions of compromise by using illegally-replicated copyrighted materials in our training materials. When content from third-party publishers is used, such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and American Petroleum Institute (API), it is done so with the express written permission of the publisher.

CASTI does not compete with our customers or partners. We do not offer consulting, construction, inspection and NDE services, equipment sales, or any other service that bids against our customers. Our only business is providing the training needed to help our customers strengthen professional credentials to stay competitive.

CASTI Instructors

CASTI instructors have an extensive culmination of real-world knowledge, clear explanation of common misunderstandings, and years of experience with litigations and code-based claims. CASTI’s instructor staff specializes in the area of engineering codes and standards focusing on API, ASME, ASTM, CSA, NACE, ISO, and others. The CASTI instructor staff includes members of over 50 codes and standards committees covering 5 standards development organizations, as well as globally-recognized professional engineers with international accreditations.

The CASTI Learning Advantage (CLA)

The CASTI Learning Advantage (CLA) adds E-Learning to our extensive line of courses. When combined with our instructor-led classroom courses, the CLA online lessons provide students with a progressive Blended Learning system that is highly efficient and cost effective.

CASTI training courses are delivered in the following ways:

  • BLENDED LEARNING – this training method combines pre- and/or post-classroom E-Learning lessons with instructor-led classroom training to maximize results. Assessment results and other learning data will be available to students for assessment
  • PRE-CLASSROOM E-LEARNING – assessment-based online training begins prior to in-classroom time.
  • CLASSROOM – instructor-led training delivered in the classroom.
  • POST-CLASSROOM E-LEARNING – assessment-based online training continues after in-classroom time.
  • E-INSTRUCTOR – instructors support is available to answer questions and guide all online students.

CASTI is with you every step of the way; all online lessons include e-Instructor support. As such, students will be able to receive help by submitting their questions through the online form and receive answers from one of our highly qualified and experienced instructors.

CLA Blended Learning and Online courses deliver exceptional value by offering the opportunity to maximize course content while minimalizing disruption to business operations. Pre and post-classroom E-Learning components:

  • reinforce understanding,
  • maximize retention of knowledge,
  • reduce in-classroom course length, and
  • can be added to virtually any in-house course.

CASTI’s E-Learning lessons were designed to be simple and easy to use:

  • No complicated software to install.
  • Accessing lessons is as easy as opening a PDF file.