API 1169 ICP Certification Preparation (Virtual Access)

Pipeline Construction Inspector Exam Preparation
For Candidates Registered in the April 2021 Exam Window

Features Virtual Access
Price $595
Duration and Location March 5, 2021 - Virtual Access
Virtual Access through online Cisco Webex Meeting to see, hear, and interact with instructor during full day (approximately 8 total hours) of instructor-led training. Click here for more info about Virtual Access courses.
Over 200 Practice Exam Questions + answer keys with exam document (code) paragraph references.
2 Practice Exams online: answer keys with references to exam document paragraphs and tables + step-by-step math solutions.
e-Instructor Support: same day or next-business day reply by e-mail, up to the exam day.
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CASTI Exam Preparation Courses not only prepare you to successfully pass the exam, but also assist you to become a better inspector with world class instructional design, content, instructor, and learning delivery systems!

CASTI API 1169 ICP Exam Preparation Course Outlines
Classroom Course

This course covers all API Body of Knowledge exam topics in detail.

Approximately 1 week prior to the Virtual Access training days, participants will receive an email invitation to join the online meeting. On the scheduled Virtual Access training days, use the email invitation to log in and join the online meeting. [For more information about how to join a Webex Meeting, please visit the Cisco Webex website.]

Virtual Access instructor-led lessons are delivered during 1 day (8 hours) covering each exam document, with the most time spent on the more difficult Body of Knowledge exam topics. (The day begins at 8:00 am.) Exam topic questions may be posed to the classroom instructor:

  • during the Virtual Access training,
  • during breaks in the Virtual Access training,
  • during one-on-one pre-scheduled tutorial session with the instructor at the CASTI office or by phone, and
  • any time by asking the e-instructor.

Online practice exams become available after Virtual Access training.

For a full list of topics covered, see the API 1169 Body of Knowledge at https://www.api.org/products-and-services/individual-certification-programs/certifications/api1169#tab-exam-info

Required Code Documents

Learners will need the API 1169 ICP Exam Documents to complete this course and study for the certification exam. A list of the exam documents can be found on the API 1169 ICP Effectivity Sheet on the API website.

Exam candidates are responsible for obtaining the documents listed on the API 1169 ICP Effectivity Sheet. Ensure that the exam documents you use for exam preparation are identical to those listed in the API ICP Effectivity Sheet.*

* The exam documents listed on the API ICP Effectivity Sheet

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for exam candidates that are preparing to write the API 1169 ICP exam.

Certificate & Credits

Upon completion of the course, a digital certification of completion will be issued. Completion of the online content, in full, will allow individuals to earn 8 professional development hours (PDHs).


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